Port Aransas Ferry System
The ferry service connects Mustang Island and Port Aransas with the mainland via
Aransas Pass. The service is free and operates 24 hours a day 365 days a year
(weather permitting). Currently the system operates 6 ferries with a capacity of
carrying 20 passenger vehicles. On June 24, 2011, TXDOT will dedicate two new
ferries, the Michael W. Behrens and Charles W. Heald, both are 151' vessels, built
by Southwest Shipyard at a cost of 4 million dollars each. These ferries will have
the capability of transporting 28 passenger vehicles with an area for walk-on
passengers across the 1/4 mile Corpus Christi Ship Channel. The ferries were
named after the two former TXDOT Directors.

The average wait time to board is 15 minutes and can be more than a hour during
spring break and the peak season June, July and August. The ferries transport 4 to
11 thousand vehicles each day.
                                               Ferry Rules
               These rules have been established to protect passengers and crew.

                   Ferries are operated by the Texas Department of Transportation

Dumping trash on the ferry deck or in the water is prohibited by law.
Small children should be accompanied by a parent/guarding while on ferry deck.
Please do not stand between vehicles when the ferry is entering the landing.
There is no smoking aboard the ferry.
Please turn off your vehicle engine and set your parking break.
More than two portable gasoline cans (six gallons in size) are not allowed aboard the ferry.
Do not tamper with any life saving or emergency equipment.
The maximum overall weight per vehicle is 80,000 pounds, the maximum height is 13.6 feet, width is 13 feet and
length is 80 feet (no permits accepted).
Any hazardous material as referenced in 49 CFR Parts 100 through 185 are not allowed aboard the ferry.
Please drive on and off the ferry slowly. Vehicles should not exceed 3 mph.
Follow the directions of the ferry deckhand while driving on and off the ferry.
No dogs may exit vehicles and be on the deck, except seeing-eye dogs. They must be held. Note: Pedestrians who
walk up with a dog on a short leash may stand at the back of the ferry away from other passengers, if there is
space for them to stay clear of the other passengers. Large dogs (in the back of trucks) must be restrained or
accompanied by owner.
No other animals are allowed on deck.
If you are handicapped or have special needs please contact the ferry in advance so vessel parking
accommodations can be made. For more information, please call (361) 749-2850.

Below are links to four of our ferry webcams. The images are uploaded every 5 to 10 seconds.
(note: you will need to hit the refresh button to view the newest ferry cam images)

Port Aransas side - Landing looking South

Port Aransas side - Landing looking East

Port Aransas side - Cutoff Road, looking South

Aransas Pass side - Looking North